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1817-1830 British EIC Bombay Light Cavalry Officer's Mameluke, Sold

A King George III or IV British East India Company Bombay Light Cavalry officer's mameluke sabre (originally green dyed ivory grip).

1817-1830 British EIC Bombay Light Cavalry Officer's Mamelukeimage B87 1

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An incredibly rare mameluke sabre. The blade marked to maker Prosser "Maker to the King", which means either King George the 3rd or 4th; almost certainly KIng George IV. The "Native Troop of Cavalry" became the "Bombay Light Cavalry" in 1817. Prosser was sword maker to King George III and IV, but not William IV, so the sword dates from 1817 to 1830.

image B87 2

The strange grip coloration is due to the ivory having been dyed green and slowly that dye coming out in places. So, it can either be dyed green again, to reflect the original owner's preference, or left to slowly return fully to a natural cream ivory over time. The 29 3/4 inch blade's etching is feint, but clear enough to see the EIC Lion and Crown, crossed lances, the Prosser name and claim to fame, plus the badge for the Bombay Light Cavalry. The blade is firm in the hilt, the ivory with multiple hairline cracks as to be expected, but complete and apparently sound. The grip rosettes and final ring are present (these are often lost). The original brass scabbard is in poor condition, the top section having broken in two and corroded in various places.

Our price of £? (too late, now sold) is exceptionally good given the rarity and investment value of this mameluke. Further / larger photos available upon request. Please quote item reference number B87 (579).

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