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Early 17th Century Scottish Sinclair Sword (sold)

A very good so-called Scottish Sinclair Sword, early 1600's (a North European Tessak used and brought back by a Scottish mercenary, in exceptionally good condition.

image B45 17C Scottish Sinclair Sword Tessakimage B45 1

Sold Item Notice

This is as good as it gets for most collectors, Scottish sword wise. A legendary Scottish Sinclair Sword, actually a Northern European Tessak or Dussage, brought home to Scotland by a Scottish mercenary in the early 1600's. Truly, this is above museum grade; this Sinclair is in exceptionally good order. These swords were used mercilessly by Scottish mercenaries in Ireland and Europe. For some reason in Victorian times, everyone was convinced to refer to them as Scottish Sinclair Swords, even though they were made in Europe, mostly in Solingen. This example has the Italian style shell guard; Sinclair Swords had a variation of different shapes, despite common belief.

The 34 1/2 inch well curved blade is text book Sinclair, with its double edged enlarged quill point section and upper fuller leading onto slender twin fullers, and some period nicks to the forward cutting edge of the blade. A small amount of movement in the hilt, nothing much. The hilt in exceptionally good condition; no apparent damage or repair. The wire grip with turk's head ferrules is equally in good shape. No apparent bending to the quillons (with typical finales) makes this one special sword.

We bought this sword from an estate, along with one other at the same time. The swords have been in the same family for some time. We absolutely guarantee this is an authentic, period Sinclair; not that Sinclairs are being reproduced at this time to our knowledge anyway.

Our price is a no brainer; you simply can not buy Sinclair swords normally and when one does come along, they sell for very high amounts, even when in poor condition. This sword is in exceptional condition and we are almost certainly offering it at below market price. Please quote reference number B45 (574). Full sized / further images available upon request.

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