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Victorian 1827P RN Officer's Sword, Solid Hilt, Eames & Co, Sold

A rare solid hilt version of the 1827 Pattern Royal Naval officer's sword, circa 1875, in very good order.

Victorian 1827P RN Officer's Sword Solid Hiltimage B25 1

Sold Item Notice

It looks like a regular Victorian British Royal Navy officer's sword until you look closely at the underside of the grip. Here you will see the blade's tang, or at least the edge of it. This was done to provide strength to the sword, to make the hilt solid, hence the name.

image B25 2

This makes this RN sword very rare, as not many were made with the solid hilt (solid hilted swords tend to be cavalry or mounted artillery swords). But some infantry and naval officers did have solid hilt swords made for them, and this is one of them.

image B25 3

The 30 3/4 inch slightly curved blade is in good order, a few small rust patches here and there, the etching still very good and mostly free from blemish. Firm in the hilt (as you would expect), the blade sheathes and draws well into and out of the leather and gilt steel fittings scabbard. The top fitting is loose, though is easily glued of course. The hilt is in very good order, the folding section of the guard locking perfectly onto the pin of the top scabbard fitting. The fishskin grip a little grubby but in very good order, as are the twisted wire ring bindings. A very nice sword as Victorian RN swords go, made even more special and valuable by the solid hilt. Additional and full sized photos available upon request. Please quote item reference number B25 (457).

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