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1897P George V British Infantry Gaelic Officer's Sword (sold)

Wilkinson made in 1935, a Gaelic / Irish British infantry officer's sword in good condition.

1897P George V British Infantry Gaelic Officer's Swordimage B20 1

Sales enquiries

This is a late King George 5th British infantry officer's sword with a difference, it was presumably owned by a Gaelic (Irish) officer though not one of the Irish Free State. Made by Wilkinson Sword, the blade is stamped on the spine with the serial number 65068 for 1935. What sets this apart from other 1897P's is that the original owner's initials ("H T A") are in Gaelic font. The Wilkinson sales ledger still exists so hopefully the original owner can be identified (the sales ledger owner charges £19 to research and provide copies of the sales receipt - they refund if the data is not available).

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The 32 1/4 inch blade is in very good condition though has been re-plated at some stage so the etching is not as crisp as it once was. The blade is firm in the hilt, the hilt in very good condition. The fishskin grip a little aged, the twisted grip wire bindings in good order. The plated steel scabbard is in good condition but the internal wood liners have gone so the blade is a little loose inside it. But a lovely example and a rare one with the Gaelic touch! One of a kind? Well, certainly a rare enough item and therefore potentially a very good investment. Further / full sized images upon request. Please quote reference number A20.

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