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Nanboku-cho era (1336 to 1392) Katana, swordsmith Nobukiyo (sold)

In very good condition and reasonable polish, a Nanboku-cho period katana made by quality swordsmith Nobukiyo.

Nanboku-cho era (1336 to 1392) Katana, swordsmith Nobukiyoimage B04 1

Sold Item Notice

One of four Japanese nihonto swords I bought from a deceased prolific militaria collector's estate; he was most active buying in the early 1970's. This one came with a mei translation tag stating the swordsmith was Nobukiyo circa 1330. Well, the mei is definitely Nobukiyo, and the only one I can find that signed the tang simply "Nobukiyo" was this one, Nihonto Club. So the mei tag was pretty accurate, except for a few years outside the date, as he was only apparently active from 1389-1390. It is amazing to think this blade is over 700 years old. And yes, I am prepared to guarantee its authenticity.

image B04 2

image B04 3

image B04 5

The impressive 27 inch blade has a mostly straight hamon; there is shallow ware (forging lines) here and there, mostly on one side. Reference number B04. Full sized / further images available upon request.

image B04 4


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