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Gendaito or Nihonto Katana, unsigned, good polish, superb hamon (sold)

Either late WW2 Showato / Gendaito or Nihonto, a stunning Katana with superb hamon in nearly full polish.

Gendaito or Nihonto Katana, unsigned, nearly full polish, superb hamonimage B03 1

Sold Item Notice

This sword came from a deceased prolific militaria collector's estate auction in the UK. He was a prolific collector mostly in 1970's, while it was easier to buy quality swords / blades. I bought four katanas and many other excellent edged weapons (non-Japanese). Included in the four katanas I bought was this one and a highly rated Higashiyama ju Yoshihira. This particular katana caught my eye because of the superb hamon and good state of polish, though the blade was mounted in very dated, poorly applied plastic rich mounts (very 70's). So I trashed the mounts it was in and had this new set made for it. I will let the hamon do the talking now.

image B03 2
image B03 3
image B03 4
image B03 5

I suspect the blade was made at the end of or just after World War 2. It is unsigned and has three Mekugi Ana (peg holes), indicating the blade has been remounted several times. I suspect the blade was deliberately unsigned to hide the identity of the swordsmith who made it during troubled times.

The excellent 25 1/2 inch blade has a few marks to it, but not many. The new mounts are all good and tight. Please quote reference number B03 (590). Full sized / further images available upon request.


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