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Nazi German SA Honor Dagger, Dated 1933, named Sturmführer, for sale

In good condition, a Eugen Haering Solingen made SA Honor Dagger with sheath engraving to Sturmführer R Hassell in 1933. Now with 20% discount.

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100% authentic and correct rarer plain bladed SA Honor Dagger from before the infamous 1934 "Night of the Long Knives" purge. This dagger is in very good order marked to storm leader R Hassell. The 21.9 cm blade marked "Alles für Deutschland" one side, and the Trademark for plus name "Eugen Haering Solingen" on the other. Everything is sound and good, the blade sheathes and draws very well. This type of dagger even without the original officer's name on them easily sell for over $6000 in the USA, so this is a superb investment at only (was) £3000, now £2400. Full sized images available upon request. Item reference B01 - box 471-0.5m


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