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Early/Mid 19C Scottish Knights Templar / Hospitaller Broadsword, For Sale

In good condition, a super rare early / mid 19th Century Scottish Knights Templar / Knights Hospitaller Broadsword, with earlier blade.

Early / Mid 19C Scottish Knights Templar / Hospitaller Broadsword

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The finely engraved ivory grip is not the only unusual / rare thing about this sword, it has an earlier blade not bearing and Scottish or British aligned engravings, but those for the Knights Templar / Knights Hospitaller. This sword was once the property of a Scottish Knights Hospitaller (Knights of the Order of St John at Torphichen in Scotland), though the blade dates to the time of the Knights of Malta who had that island as their base until it was captured by Napoleon in 1798.

The 34 1/4 inch blade is in good condition and clearly hand forged and still very sharp. Blade firm in the hilt; the hilt circa 1840. The hilt with age and some light pitting near and there but overall good. The period carved ivory grip has age cracks but it overall sound.

This is such a rare sword and we suspect some lucky member of the Order of Saint John will snap this one up very quickly. Surely, we have truly under priced this one at £2750. Please quote item reference AE43. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0846-1.2 (2.554).

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