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Late 17C English William & Mary Stag's Horn Hanger, Sold

In aged but good condition, a rare late 17C English William & Mary stag's horn hanger.

Late 18C English William & Mary Stag's Horn Hangerimage AE40 1

Sold Item Notice

With the heads of King William III (England) / II (Scotland) and Queen Mary II who jointly reigned from 1689 to 1694, embossed to the guard. The blade bears the "Kings Head Mask" which some thought depicted the previous King James II / VII, but this sword tends to prove that it is actually a Solingen (Prussia) maker's mark.

image AE40 2
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The 20 1/8 inch blade has some damage to the cutting edge but is overall in good order and firm in the hilt. The hilt in good though aged and slightly worn condition. The superb stags horn grip is in very good condition.

These swords were designed as hunting swords but were also used by naval and even army officers. A truly rare sword and a veritable bargain for £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference AE40 (0835). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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