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War of 1812 US Naval Officer's Eagle Head Dirk / Dagger, sold

In aged, damaged, frail condition, a War of 1812 US Naval Officer's Eagle Head Dirk / Dagger.

War of 1812 US Naval Officer's Eagle Head Dirk / Daggerimage AE26 1

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Most likely a British capture from the War of 1812, the dirk is damaged and frail; the grip and hilt appear to have been glued to the tang of the blade. This curved blade style of dirk places it firmly at the turn of the 19th Century and it has been in the UK for a long time, so is almost certainly a battle trophy bring back.

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The 15 1/2 inch blade is good but with some light rust / patina patched particularly one side. The blade is a little loose in the hilt. The ivory grip has broken and been glued. The pommel is a little offset. The leather and brass fittings scabbard is aged, the leather cracked. The dirk sheathes and draws tightly due to scabbard leather shrinkage; we suspect the hilt has previously pulled off and may do so again.

We wish we had provenance with this item, but we don't; the previous owner bought it in an English antique shop's closing down sale. Still, the style and fact it has been in the UK probably is provenance enough. A stellar buy at £(too late, now sold). Please quote item reference AE26 (0740). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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