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1788 Pattern British Heavy Cavalry Officer's Sword, for sale

In aged condition, a scarce 1788 Pattern British Heavy Cavalry Officer's Sword.

1788 Pattern British Heavy Cavalry Officer's Swordimage AE24 1

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Etched "vive le roi" (long live the king) to both sides, these swords are quite frail in comparison to other heavy cavalry swords, hence you will often find them derided by officers of the time and the reason they were superceded / replaced in 1796.

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The 32 1/4 inch blade is in very aged condition with a steady patina through to pitting, especially towards the point. Blade a little loose in the hilt. The hilt is incredibly intact (it looks like there are two missing inner round bar stubs at the front but we have studied other examples and they do not have inner round bars either), though pitted and quite frail. The original fishskin grip is mostly complete but for some patch loss near the pommel, were the grip endured the most wear.

Truly a scarce item. Very reasonably priced at just £900. Please quote item reference AE24. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0729-108x16x16 (2.443).

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