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Mid 17C Scottish Basket Hilted Backsword, Sold

In aged but sound condition, a scarce Mid 17C Scottish Basket Hilted Backsword, most likely an infantry sword, probable Culloden Battle Trophy.

Mid 17C Scottish Basket Hilted Backsword, probable Culloden Battle Trophyimage AE09 1

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Plain mid 1600's hilt with likely original blade, most likely the blade from Solingen. Culloden (1745) battle trophy? The Scots kept their swords for generations and with good reason, they were far better fighting weapons than used by the English. But why is this likely a battle trophy, taken by an English soldier? Because the point has been rounded, and the Scottish simply did not do this, the English did to make swords safe at home. Even if the tip had been damaged, if it stayed in Scottish hands, they would have repointed the blade as there was / is ample length left to do so. The cutting edge of the blade has period nicks to it, near to the point end, the last third of the blade. Almost certainly a Scottish infantry officer's sword (not a Scottish mounted officer's sword), as the blade is slightly angled to improve its potential. The sword was carried by a right handed Scottish officer because the hilt has one fewer bar one side and because of the slight angle of the blade; if you hold it in your right and then left hand, you would see exactly.

The 33 3/4 inch blade is good and straight, aged with a steady patina throughout, and firm in the hilt. The hilt amazingly good for its age and likely history. The grip has all but gone and been later filled repair, though the two "Turks Heads" (ferrules) remain.

This is a very good sword and we expect it to fly off the shelf at £? (too late, now sold); we challenge you to buy one at auction for less (on top of auction prices you have to pay commission / premium and an expensive shipping agent to get it to you). Please quote item reference AE09 (0660). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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