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19C Heavy Sudanese Kaskara ("Crusader Sword"), Sold

In aged but good condition, a heavy late 19th Century Sudanese Kaskara.

1881 – 1899image AE08 1

Sales enquiries

Often referred to as "Crusader Swords" because of their similarity with swords from and perhaps legacy of the 14C Crusades, there are a few of these kaskaras in the UK where we bought it because of the "Sudan Campaign" (part of the Mahdist War from 1881 to 1899) by the British army. Many kaskaras have light flexible blades. This one is much more solid, weighing in at just under 1Kg.

image AE08 2

The 33 13/16 inch blade is very sharp and in good condition, though the very tip is a little bent (not very noticeable and quite likely could be hammered back). Blade firm in the hilt. The waxed corded grip is a little aged.

Great heavy example, nice light price; £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference AE08 (0645). Further / full sized images available upon request.

image AE08 3

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