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19/20C Sumatran Keris Pajang (Executioners Kris), For Sale

In good condition, a scarce 19/20C Sumatran Keris Pajang (Executioners Kris).

19/20C Sumatran Keris Pajang (Executioners Kris)

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Used both in battle and by the village chief for executions.

The 15 1/8 inch blade is in good condition, though with some black patina patches, and is overall firm in the hilt. The garuda hilt very good but some slight damage to the cup and a tiny section of the wood. The sheath overall good, some odd patches to the brass band, the ivory tip end good. The keris sits nicely in the sheath indicating it is original.

A scarce item and a rare low price; £475. Please quote item reference AE06. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0640-60x30x15 (1.003).

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