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M1860 US Civil War Cutlass, dated 1862, For Sale

In aged and battled condition, a scarce M1860 US Civil War Cutlass, dated 1862.

M1860 US Civil War Cutlass, dated 1862

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Guaranteed 100% authentic. This is a genuine US Civil War M1860 cutlass, serial number 14M 404.

The 25 1/4 inch blade is aged and has signs of battle damage, not least the tip which has gone a little. The blade is firm in hilt. Hilt / guard with age and damage (denting and a crack). The grip has lost a section of base wood and all of the grip cover. The leather scabbard is aged and the chape (point end) gone, the locket has lost its frog button. There appears so be something inscribed on the scabbard locket, but we can not make it out. The cutlass sheathes and draws well enough.

A scarce cutlass made rare by the fact it is outside the USA. Yours for £550. Please quote item reference AD90. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 0634-1m (1.807).

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