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1820 Pattern British Grenadier Guards Sergeant's Sword, for sale

A rare 1820 Pattern British 1st Grenadier Guards Sergeant's Sword.

1820 Pattern British Grenadier Guards Sergeant's Sword

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Such a rare issued sword. As you would expect, issued Grenadier Guards swords had the harshest of service lives, and no doubt this one saw the battlefield. Apart from the shortened blade (most likely tip damage), broken langet final and sharpened blade (still sharp), the very well worn grip says it all. This pattern of sword would have been in service to 1856 or even 1861 (when it was superceded), so it may well have been damaged during the Crimean War. If you want a pristine example, they likely do not exist, and are nowhere near as evocative as this example; if only swords could talk.

The 27 7/8 inch early 19C pipe-back blade is in good condition but electroplated and with clear signs of a harsh past to what is now the tip. Blade firm in the hilt. The hilt very good except for age and the loss of the langet final. The grip is very worn; the grip wire may be original or a later though probably period / service life replacement.

Rare, rare, rare. £700. Please quote item reference number AD49. Further / large images available upon request. Box 0520-1m (1.385).

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