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WW2 Unsigned Japanese Army Officer's 34M Shin Gunto, For Sale

In good condition, a WW2 Unsigned Japanese Army Officer's Model 34 Shin Gunto Katana.

WW2 Unsigned Japanese Army Officer's Model 34 Shin Gunto Katana

Sales enquiries

Guaranteed authentic (ito grip bindings a replacement), the blade has some Gendaito characteristics but is in too poor a polish to be certain, so sold as Showato (machine made blade). Very nice set of number stamped ("72") seppa and tsuba.

The 26 1/8 inch nagasa (cutting edge section) blade is in good order though poor polish; it has a small fukure (open carbon bubble) flaw which really indicated this is Gendaito, but we are not selling it as such. Blade with vice grip marks from when it was assembled into its gunto fittings. No discernable nicks or cracks. Blade tight in tsuka (grip). Tsuka, etc. all good. The olive coloured saya / scabbard is in good shape. The sword sheathes and draws well. The locking pin mechanism is there and works / secures the saya.

Nice looking example with possible potential. A snip at £900. Please quote item reference number AD38. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 0510-1m (2.650).

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