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Circa 1770 / 1780 British Naval Officers Shell Guard Cutlass, Sold

In very good condition, a Circa 1770 / 1780 British Naval Officers Shell Guard Cutlass by Drury.

Circa 1770 / 1780 British Naval; Officers Shell Guard Cutlass by Druryimage AD37 1

Sold Item Notice

The stamp "(Crown) GR Drury" is not an acceptance mark, but a statement what Drury was by appointment (sword cutler) to King George III, though the marking and the shell guard do confirm this was a naval officer's cutlass.

image AD37 2

image AD37 3

The 24 3/8 inch blade is in good condition but has been rigorously cleaned. Apart from the period Drury stamps, there are a couple of later number stamps (0 and 8) which I imagine means the sword was once in a museum (and catalogue numbered) or this was done by a previous owner for security (it may be part of their phone number); only two feint numbers are now visible. The blade also has a small round dent, which may be a musket round. The blade is firm in the hilt. Under the shell guard is a late 1960's / early 1970's owner's sticker (a dentist in Torquay) which his address and phone number, which I have left for some provenance. The hilt and stag horn grip are in good shape, some rubbing / age to the hilt.

Well above average condition. A very sound investment at £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference AD37 (0478). Further / full sized images upon request.

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