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Waterloo Honour Sabre of the 13th Light Dragoons / Hussars, Sold

The blade in very good condition (the hilt, as seen), a super rare 13th Light Dragoon / Hussars officer's Waterloo honours sabre.

Waterloo Honour Sabre for officer of the 13th Light Dragoons (13th Hussars)image AD31 1

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This is probably the only example of its type; that is how rare it is. A 13th Light Dragoons officer's dress sword made soon after the Battle of Waterloo honoring that battle. It was not at Waterloo but rather commissioned by one of the officers that fought there. It is a 1796 pattern sabre, so made before 1821 when the pattern changed. Clearly etched to the 13th Light Dragoons and Waterloo. It is believed the officer purchaser was Capt. Mansell Bowers and is said it was a gift to a fellow officer, presumably under his command whom he was grateful if not indebted to. Unfortunately, we have not been able to firm up the provenance but in any event, the sword facts speak for themselves. The hilt / guard and grip have gone, though amazingly the blade is in superb condition and it has its original knot still attached. It may well be worth seeing if someone like Crisp & Sons could restore (replace) the grip and improve the pitted nature of the back piece of the hilt.

image AD31 2
image AD31 3

The 29 inch blade is in very good condition and quite firm in the hilt. We can not see a maker's name to the blade but there may well be one under the langets, so if someone were to get it refurbished, this could be known. The hilt / guard is mostly good but with patina, except for the back piece which has pitting. The original fishskin grip has gone, the wood grip base has some damage, and the twisted grip wire is mostly gone. The steel scabbard is in generally good order. The sabre sheathes and draws well.

Again, it is almost certain that you will never find another, so our price of £? (too late, now sold) is a historic investment to say the very least. Please quote item reference number AD31 (0434). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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