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Culloden era Scottish Highland Infantry Officer's Backsword, sold

In sound condition, a circa 1730 / Culloden era Scottish Highland Infantry Officer's Backsword, blade marked "Andria Farara".

circa 1730 / Culloden era Scottish Highland Infantry Officer's Backswordimage AD23 1

Sales enquiries

This sword may well have been at Culloden; it was definitely made before that famous battle, probably around 1730. We can tell this from the hilt and blade; the blade with the Jacobites' favourite statement of quality; "Andria Farara". It is very unlikely the blade was actually made by this legendary swordsmith, but the Scots marked their blades with his name until after Culloden as a statement of quality of blade. This pride in their blades was not misplaced, as the English often re-used captured Scottish blades in their own swords, which English made blades they often derided. This sword escaped being cannibalized thankfully, but it is aged, for sure. Still, our price is well below what you would normally expect to pay for a Culloden era sword (these have just gone up and up in value).

image AD23 2

Blade with patina throughout and aged, though sound. The blade does bend a little but not too much. The hilt with equal patina and age. One lesser back bar is missing; clearly old damage, perhaps period. The hilt is loose, it moves around quite a bit. This can be fixed if really important, but personally we would let it be. The grip is original but minus its leather or fishskin cover.

Again, these swords are scarce and shooting up in value. Yours for £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference number AD23 (0431). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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