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WW2 RAF Pilot's FS Fairbairn Sykes, Named Pilot + Papers, for sale.

A scarce wooden grip WW2 RAF Pilot's FS Fairbairn Sykes, issued to Anthony Douglas O'Neill, fighter pilot, RAF / RCAF, including various related copy documents

WW2 RAF Pilot's FS Fairbairn Sykes, Anthony Douglas O'Neill

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Anthony Douglas O'Neill's flight records show he flew a number of planes during WW2, including Spitfires. The 6 3/4 inch blade is still sharp and in good condition, firm in the hilt. The turned wooden grip has some wear damage. The scabbard is still good, a little aged and dry. Full provenance. Plenty of research potential. £500 is a great price for such a piece. Full sized photos available upon request. Please quote item reference number 0385-51x11x11 (0.342).

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