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Circa 1650 / 1675 Neapolitan Cup Hilt Rapier, For Sale

In overall good condition, a 17th Century third quarter Neapolitan Cup Hilt Rapier.

Neapolitan Cup Hilt Rapier

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With distinctive Neapolitan rope twist grip, a fighting, not a dress (for show) rapier for sure.

The massive 40 inch blade is rust pitted both sides along the entire length, but is still sound. Fein traces of inscriptions to the center fuller just visible. Blade firm in hilt. Original rope twist grip is well aged but sound enough. The hilt / guard actually good for age, some light pitting here and there but nothing too serious.

Try finding another at any price. We believe we are under half what this should sell for; yours for £1250. Please quote item reference AC87. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0370-131x32x32 (4.631).

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