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WW2 Japanese Army NCO's Shin Gunto with original Knot, Sold

In good overall condition with some battle damage, a WW2 Japanese Army NCO's Shin Gunto with original sword Knot.

WW2 Japanese Army NCO's Shin Gunto with original Knotimage AC79 1

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The signifigance of a gunto with a sword knot goes beyond the obvious. Japanese officers and NCO's would remove their sword knots (to retain some honour) when they surrendered. Which means the Japanese NCO that once carried this shin gunto did not surrender, but that the sword was taken off him. The sword has some damage, particularly to the blade tip, which indicates use. There is also what looks to be a period repair to the bolt assembly that holds the grip / hilt / tsuka together; again, an indication this gunto had a harsh service life. Also indicative of this being a trophy taken off the NCO is that the sword and saya / scabbard have matching serial numbers.

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The 26 1/3 inch blade is in good condition except for above said period damage and some black patina patches. Blade has correct Nagoya arsenal mark next to serial number 86004, which corresponds with the serila number on the saya / scabbard throat. Blade firm in the hilt. The fuchi corroded but with correct markings for Nagoya and serial number; 4 circle mark and "To" (sword) mark. Aluminium tsuka paint still good (most are worn off). The scabbard / saya with original green camoflague paint but also quite a bit of rust. The sword sheathes and draws well; the locking mechanism works well. The sword knot is a little aged but sound.

I bet the Japanese NCO did not give up his sword lightly! So £? (too late, now sold) is a small price to pay. Please quote item reference AC79 (0343). Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0343-1m (2.446).

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