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WW1 Scots Guards Officer's Sword, Maclay, for sale

In fair condition, a mystery WW1 Scots Guards officer's sword, named to C Maclay, presumed to be "Clan Maclay" (for Lieutenant Ebenezer Maclay).

WW1 Scots Guards Officer's Sword, named to Maclay

Sales enquiries

This is a mystery sword in that it is a 1910 to 1918 sword (George V with last battle honours to South Africa in 1902) and etched to "C Maclay". Mystery? There was no C Maclay in the Scots Guards. The only Maclay in that era was Lieutenant Ebenezer Maclay of the 1st Battalion Scots Guards who was killed by a German sniper near Arras on 11 April 1918 at the age of 27. He was not married and none of his family had names beginning with "C", plus there are no other Maclays listed in the Army List for that regiment. So the presumption is that either the "C" stands for "Clan". This conundrum has driven me nuts, so any input appreciated. And yes, it looks like there is an "s" on the end of the etched Maclay, but I have decided this is actually nothing more than part of the border of the name plate.

The 32 1/4 inch blade is aged (patina), firm in the grip / hilt. The hilt with patina and some slight damage / bending to the corner (not much). The fishskin grip is generally very good, but with some stain spots; the twisted grip wire bindings are good. The double leather (two layers) scabbard is aged with leather missing. The sword sheathes and draws very tightly when nearly full sheathed.

There are not that many Maclays, and very few with a connection to the Scots Guards, and only one with regard to WW1, so I am certain this belonged to Lieutenant Ebenezer Maclay. In any event, it is a challenge / project for any buyer, and therefore worthy of the price of £700. Please quote item reference AC73. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0338-1m (1.820).

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