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1820 Pattern British 1st Life Guards Trooper's Sword, for sale

In good though aged condition, a super rare original / early (Georgian) 1820 Pattern British 1st Life Guards Trooper's Sword.

1820 Pattern British 1st Life Guards Trooper's Sword

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One of the rarest of British 19C swords. Marked "A 10" to the scabbard (weapon / trooper 10 of A troop). Introduced in 1820, superceded in 1882, this sword was one of the first made (leather grip version) and undoubtedly was present at the funeral of King George the 4th, the coronation and funeral of King William the 4th, and the coronation of Queen Victoria.

The 37 3/4 inch (96 cm) very slightly curved blade is in very good condition for its age and has not been shortened. Blade with no maker's or other marks (as per normal with these), firm in the hilt. The hilt / bowl guard is in very sound condition but with a firm patina and most of the brass studs missing; the "LG1" emblem faded but still clear enough. The original leather grip in aged but sound condition. The original steel scabbard is very aged and with a split / kink but is sound. The sword sheathes and draws loosely as the internal wooden slats have long gone.

This really is such a rare sword, and a fully original one. We make the point that the few other examples that have come onto the market often have shortened blades, later scabbards, later Victorian fishskin grips, dubious significantly curved blades or even questionable unmarked scabbards. Keep this one as is, or have it totally refurbished; either way, you have pretty much one of a kind.

Don't hang around. £1750. Please quote item reference AC20. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0169-1.18 (2.986).

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