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1908P Black Gryphonite Grip 4th Hussars Cavalry Trooper's Sword, for sale

In good overall condition, a scarce 1908P Black Gryphonite Grip 4th Hussars Cavalry Trooper's Sword.

1908P Black Gryphonite Grip 4th Hussars Cavalry Trooper's Sword

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Most 1908P's, by far, have the brown Dermatine grips. This is an early version, marked August 1910, with a black Gryphonite grip. Added to this, it is marked to the 4th Queens Own Hussars (the regiment Winston Churchill served under), which is a huge bonus. Let down by the kinked guard near the pommel (possibly period damage from the "Great Retreat" of 1914) and a marriage scabbard marked to the 1st Dragoon Guards (amongst others) and which is blocked (the sword does not sheath).

The 34 inch blade is in good condition, various test and acceptance marks, and firm in the hilt. The bowl guard with some dents and a buckle near the pommel (quite normal as this is the weak point) and "4 H" plus "4 5 6" inside the bowl guard (weapon 456 of the 4th Hussars); as this has not been struck out, it would seem the sword was retired while still in service with the 4th Hussars (with the last acceptance stamp being '13 for 1913, this lends credibility to the sword being damaged while on active service during the early stages of WW1). The grip actually very good. The steel scabbard has many markings and is blocked a few inches in; it may be possible to unblock it.

A scarce 1908P Black Gryphonite grip 4th Hussars cavalry trooper's sword for only £550! Best be quick! Please quote item reference number AB98. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 0143-1.18 (3.104)

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