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1788 British Royal Horse Guards Trooper's Sword, for sale

In good overall condition, a very rare 1788 Royal Horse Guards (The Blues - Household Cavalry) Trooper's Sword.

1788 British Royal Horse Guards (Household Cavalry) Trooper's Sword

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Before 1788 there were no Royal Horse Guards troopers, only officers of different ranks. There are only a few accounts of these swords, and no published photos. The giveaways however are the regal cursive half basket (regular heavy cavalry had full basket), the trooper / weapon number to the hilt (so not an officer's sword), the fine twisted wire grip (wire now gone, but the impression of it remains), a (quality maker), Samuel Harvey, and the brass gilt / guard, favoured by the Royal Horse Guards (other heavy British / Household cavalry typically had steel hilts).

The 29 3/8 inch blade (shortened) has clearly seen use with period nicks, etc to the cutting edge; The Blues were significantly involved during the French Revolutionary Wars (most notably at Willems, near Tournai in 1794). Blade with movement in the hilt. The hilt with old, quite probably period damage.

This is possibly the only one of these you will ever find for sale. We do not expect it to be around for long; yours for £1750. Please quote item reference number AB97. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 0140-1m (1.868).

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