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George VI / WW2 British Royal Indian Navy Officer's Sword, for sale

In very good overall condition, a very rare George VI / WW2 British Royal Indian Navy Officer's Sword.

George VI / WW2 British Royal Indian Navy Officer's Swordimage AB85 1

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The sword has lost the "R I M" part of its badge (only the 5 point star remains), so it is post 1934 (The Royal Indian Marine became the Royal Indian Navy in that year) and has a "GRI" cypher to the blade (British naval swords prior to George VI had the British Royal Coat of Arms), so it is post 11th December 1936). The Royal Indian Navy was tiny at the outbreak of WW2, and native Indian officers would most likely have sourced any swords from a cutler in India (this sword is etched to "Gieves Portsmouth London Edinburgh"), so very few British made swords were bought by officers. A rare, rare sword.

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The 31 inch blade has small spots / patches or rust (we have treated it) but is generally good, the superb etching still clear (Wilkinson made the swords for Gieves), and firm in the hilt. The hilt retains a lot of its gilt. The white fishskin grip and twisted grip wire bindings are very good. The folding guard works but could use some oil. The original sword knot is very good. The scabbard with some age, the bottom fixing loose (can just glue it - this is what they did making them anyway). The sword sheathes and draws well. The folding guard section locates well onto the retaining pin of the scabbard. The leather all weather bag has splits, small holes, wear and age, but is sound; there appears to have been a name written in black ink on the cover hood, but this has all but gone. Includes original belts.

This is such a rare sword, we do not know just how to value it, but we truly believe that we have really under priced it, as we doubt you will ever find another. Get it quick; £1000. Please quote item reference number AB85. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 0133-1.18 (2.718).

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