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WW1 British Royal Navy Officer's Sword, Denis William Boyd, Sold

In very good condition, the WW1 British Royal Navy Junior Officer's Sword of (Sir) Denis William Boyd (by repute), who ultimately went on to be Admiral Sir Denis William Boyd KCB CBE DSC, 5th Sea Lord.

WW1 British Royal Navy Junior Officer's Sword of (Sir) Denis William Boydimage AB82 1

Sales enquiries

This is a dress (levee) weight (3/4 inch blade width) sword, made by Wilkinson Sword in 1913 / 1914, serial number 44400. Regrettably, the Wilkinson sales ledger exists for this serial number, but it is blank, so it can not be absolutely confirmed that this is Denis William Boyd' sword, but it does coincide with his transfer to HMS Fearless, a light cruise, as a torpedo officer. The previous owner has stated (in writing - copy provided to buyer) that Admiral Sir Denis Boyd was President of the Newhaven & Seaford Sea Cadet Unit in the 50's and 60's and presented the sword to him when he was commissioned a Sub Lieutenant (SCC) RNR in 1962.

image AB82 2

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The 31 7/8 Inch blade is in very good condition and firm in the hilt. The hilt is a rare solid hilt (there is no folding section), and is also in very good condition (some tarnish, easily cleaned). The white fishskin grip and twisted grip wire bindings are also well above average. The leather and gilt metal fittings scabbard is good, though with some age; the sword does not sheath full due to leather shrinkage, so the scabbard catch mechanism does not get a chance to locate, but it would. Apart from not sheathing fully, the sword sheathes and draws well.

With 99% but not absolute provenance, this sword is priced at a third of what it would be if there was a confirming Wilkinson sales ledger entry. Yours for £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference AB82 (0124). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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