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WW1 British GRI Sword of author Horace Wyndham, for sale

In good condition, the very bespoke WW1 British GRI Sword of author Horace Wyndham.

WW1 British GRI Sword of author Horace Wyndhamimage AB72 1

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What a bespoke, even rebellious sword. The hilt is not steel but gilt. The grip is not fishskin or leather, but snakeskin. This is the sword of the famous socialist author Horace Wyndham, who joined the British army as a gentleman ranker and went on to be a Captain and a very famous author. The older fullered blade on this sword bears a Victorian VR cypher, which he clearly had rehilted into a George V (GRI) hilt at a later date, as was quite common, not least to reduce costs. His name is engraved rather than etched onto the blade, again a money saving act by a devout socialist.

image AB72 2

image AB72 3

The impressively long 34 inch blade is on good condition, the etching worn but clear enough, the blade firm in the hilt though the hilt does have a little movement, primarily the backpiece. The unusual gilt hilt is in good order, as is the very unusual snakeskin grip. The field leather scabbard, frog and straps are all sound but aged. The sword sheathes and draws well. Blade etched to "G Phillips & Son" (late Victorian military tailors).

What an unusual version of the 1897P! Worth every penny of £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference AB72 (0128). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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