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M1811 Waterloo Blucher Sabre, Pomeranian Hussars, For Sale

In very good condition for its age, a M1811 Waterloo Kavarlierresäbel / Bluchersabel (Blucher), marked to the Pomeranian Hussars.

M1811 Waterloo Kavarlierresäbel / Bluchersabel (Blucher), Pomeranian Hussarsimage AB58 1

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Plenty of later markings (this sword had a long service life), but the important ones are the smallest and most worn. The cross guard is marked "377 P" for weapon 377 of the Pommersches / Pomeranian Hussars, who saw action at Waterloo as part of the Prussian 3rd Kavallerie-Brigade under Ob. von Borstell.

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Forget the later "T. L." (supply train battalion) and "5 L H" (stores) markings, as this is where the sabre and scabbard ended their service lives. The scabbard is not original to the sabre, as it is marked "278 P" to the upper suspension ring, so it originally protected sabre 278 P. This 1811 Kavarlierresäbel / Bluchersabel is all original, the blade having "377" to the spine (there are no other markings to the spine as there were with post-Waterloo M1811's).

image AB58 5

To the langet are non-regulation markings in the British style. This is explained by the fact the majority of the sabres held by Prussian light cavalrymen at Waterloo were British 1796P's sold to the Prussian, often with rudimentary British troop / weapon numbers to their langets. This is because Solingen was not liberated from the French until 1814, so production of the M1811 had only just started when the 100 Days War (Waterloo) was raged. Popular here-say is that the Prussian made M1811's went to "lesser" regiments (40% of the Prussian cavalry at Waterloo were "Landwehr" Cavalry, volunteers).

The blade on this sabre has been period sharpened and then again reground, indicating it had seen action. Some time after the 100 Days War, this sabre and scabbard went into stores and then into service with the Hospital Train Battalion 5, troop 11 (weapon 8); 5. T. L. 11. 8.

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The 32 inch blade is in very good condition save that the point end has been reground a little (almost certainly due to action damage) and is firm in the hilt. The hilt / guard and grip are in good condition for its age and service life. The heavy steel scabbard also good. The sabre sheathes and draws incredibly well, a real dream! This is a well built sabre (better so than the British 1796P's after which is was modeled) and a testament to Solingen sword making.

Go on, try and find another original Blucher! What a beast and a beauty for only £2000. Please quote item reference number AB58 (0077). Further / full sized images upon request. Box 0110-1.18 (3.294)

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