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French An XIII Cuirassier Sword, Klingenthal, 1815, Sold

A French An XIII Cuirassier Sword, Klingenthal made, 1815. Guaranteed authentic.

French An XIII Cuirassier Sword, Klingenthal, 1815image AB14 1

Sold Item Notice

The poinçons (inspection marks / stamps) to the forte and date inscription to the spine of the blade are so worn, it is too hard to determine the date, but it looks like 1815. It may well be this is a rare (just) post Waterloo An XIII. The hilt clearly is older than the blade, as it has original and new weapon numbers, so its original blade was presumably damaged and a new one fitted.

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The 37 1/2 inch blade is aged and worn, with a light pitting and patina throughout, but firm in the hilt. The hilt with age but overall good. The grip with damage; it looks like period fire damage.

An authentic An XIII heavy calvary sword for £? (too late, now sold); a true bargain! Please quote item reference number AB14-V12 (0104). Further / full sized images upon request.

The An XI / XIII is, for us, the most effective and stylish heavy cavalry sword ever made. It is also afflicted with much false conjecture stated as fact, and is also one of the most faked / reproduced swords on the market (we 100% guarantee our swords are not reproductions / fakes). We have written an article on the subject here.

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