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Waterloo Spear Pointed French An XIII Trooper's Sword, Sold

A spear pointed French An XIII heavy cavalry trooper's sword, dated January 1815.

Waterloo Spear Pointed French An XIII Trooper's Swordimage AB13 1

Sales enquiries

Almost certainly a Waterloo battlefield pickup as a) we bought this sword in the UK, b) the blade point has been converted to spear point (this was done by French cavalry regiments just prior to Waterloo), c) there are no post 1815 inspection stamps, d) the blade is dated January 1815 (with correct poinçons for that date), e) the sword has not been converted / rehilted with an 1816 model guard / hilt, f) the grip has only 11 groves / turns (this was increased after Waterloo), g) there is only one weapon number (1550) to the hilt. If only swords could talk about their history, but the fact there is no scabbard most likely means this sword was literally picked up off the battlefield.

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The 37 1/4 inch (94.8 cm) spear point twin fullered blade is in very good condition, but a little worn, and there is a slight bend, probably period. The date inscription on the spine for Klingenthal January 1815 is feint. Blade firm in hilt. The grip is well aged, most of the twisted grip wire gone, a section of leather grip covering has gone, the grip forming grip twine (wound around the wooden grip base to create the grip turns) and base grip wood is sound. The hilt is good.

A piece of Waterloo and one of the world's most impressive swords ever for just £x (too late, now sold - original sales price divulged for small fee). Please quote item reference AB13 (0091). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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