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Early Victorian Indian Navy Midshipman's Dirk, Mole, Sold

Scarce 1st Opium War era Her Majesty's Indian Navy Midshipman's Dirk by Mole.

Her Majesty's Indian Navy Midshipman's Dirk, Mole

Sold Item Notice

An issued Her Majesty's Indian Navy Midshipman's Dirk with East India Company cursive inspection mark (we think "D" over "8" for 1840 - it may look more like 2 over g, but the letter should be largest and above the number), with later India decommissioning stamps to langet, and maker's name "Mole" to spine of blade. The 17 5/8 inch blade is in good order, but with some rust to near the tip, and a patina throughout. The dirk is quite loose and backpiece has moved out / come astray some. The hilt aged, but sound. The wooden grip aged but sound. The leather and gilt metal scabbard aged, with stitching coming apart and a hole / break, but the scabbard remains whole. The dirk sheathes and draws well enough.

This dirk was almost certainly aboard one the Her Majesty's Indian Navy ships that fought the 1st Opium War against (Qing) China, which the British won, the Chinese surrender marked by the Treaty of Nanking in which Hong Kong Island was ceded to Britain.

Sure, as an issued weapon it has had a long and harsh service life, but these things are rare and really evocative. A dream and investment for only £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference AB12 (0103). Further / full sized images upon request.

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