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1832 Model Ames US Foot Artillery Gladius Sword, dated 1841, for sale

In good condition, an 1832 Model Ames US Foot Artillery Gladius Sword, regimentally marked, dated 1841. Now with 20% discount.

image AA98 US 1832 Model Foot Artillery Gladius Sword

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A scarce, even rare 1832M Ames artillery gladius, marked "MHL" over "ORD" with AMES name and inspector mark "WS" (for William Smith Evans). 18 7/8 Inch blade in aged but good condition, with period nicks to the cutting edges (these were most likely caused by brush clearance), firm in the hilt. The hilt with dents and scrapes but overall good. Yours for (was) £650, now £520. Please quote item reference AA98. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0081-0.8 (1.521)

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