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WW2 Imperial Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto Katana, Sold

In good condition, a WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto, signed, post 1941 Seki stamp.

WW2 Imperial Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto Katanaimage AA97 1

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The signature is either Masatsugu or Masamichi. The post 1941 Seki stamp makes this a showato blade.

image AA97 2

image AA97 3

The 61.2 cm Nagasa (cutting edge section) blade is in good condition with hamon still clear. All the fittings in good shape. Everything nice and tight. The locking pin mechanism still works well. The sword sheathes and draws well.

A great, well above average example for just £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference AA97 (0074). Further / full sized photos available upon request.

image AA97 4

image AA97 5

image AA97 8

image AA97 7


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