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18C George III/IV British Police Truncheon by Walcot, for sale

In sound aged condition, a scarce 18th Century George III/IV British Police Truncheon by Walcot. Now with 20% discount.

image AA95 18C George III IV Police Truncheon

Sales enquiries

See the 3 fleur-de-lis in the British Royal Coat of Arms below? So this truncheon predates 1801 when George IV gave up claim to the French throne. The 21 inch hardwood truncheon is aged and has dents / mark throughout. Still not many around, so grab it quick at only (was) £225, now £180. Please quote item number AA95. Full sized pictures available upon request. Package 0174 (0.511).

image AA95 1

image AA95 2

image AA95 3

image AA95 4

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