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George V British Royal India Marine Officer's Sword, for sale

In good condition, an exceptionally rare King George V (WW1) British Royal Indian Marine officer's sword, the property of P. C. H. Lane, RIM.

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Sales enquiries

P. C. H. Lane was promoted to Lieutenant on 2nd May 1909, made the rank of Commander in 1918, and went on to be Captain. The sword is not marked to him, but came from his family via auction (auction details available to buyer showing it was his property). In any event, these are the rarest of British naval swords, just Google "Royal India Marine Officer's Sword" and you will probably find none for sale, with one example selling at auction house Bonhams for £7,500. We believe then Lieutenant P. C. H. Lane saw active service throughout WW1 with the Royal Navy; further research clearly warranted. Lane made Lieutenant in 1909 the same year as Henry Robertson "Birdie" Bowers who died with Scott of the Antartic in 1912, so Lane would have almost certainly known if not worked alongside Birdie Bowers.

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The 31 1/4 inch blade is in good condition but the etching is feint; in addition to the RIM emblem, you can just about make the sword cutler's details, Silver & Co (London and Portsmouth). The blade is firm in the hilt. The fishskin grip and grip wire bindings good. The original sword knot aged, but sound. The leather and metal fittings scabbard aged and with a crease, but sound. The sword sheathes and draws well.

Look, just try to buy another Royal Indian Marine officer's sword at any price, and then our price of £700 with details of the original officer will show you what a bargain price that is. Please quote item reference V54-AA69. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0056-1m (2.218).

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