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British True 1842 Pattern with original Lovell catch, John Roe, for sale

In good condition, a rare true 1842P British musket bayonet with original Lovell catch, by John Roe. Probably Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. Now with 20% discount.

Sales enquiries

This is a true 1842P, not a modified 1839P. The dimensions of this bayonet confirm this, and the Lovell catch is clearly pat of the manufacture, not a later weld on.

The blade is 432mm, 530mm total length, and in overall good condition, the tip end with some former rust pitting, stamped Crown over E over 3, plus the maker's name, John Roe. The muzzle section has 5 over 53, perhaps weapon 53 of the 5th Regiment of Foot (Royal Northumberland Fusiliers).

For sale, price (was) £275, now £220. Please ask for item reference AA67. Further / full sized photos available upon request. Tube 0059 (0.765)

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