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Napoleonic / Georgian British RN Master at Arms 1796P Sabre, for sale

In good condition, an exceptionally rare British RN Master at Arms' (warrant officer's) sabre, made by Woolley & Sargant 1815-1817, various markings / inscriptions.

Rare Napoleonic / Georgian British RN Master at Arms 1796P Sabre, Woolley & Sargantimage AA38 1

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One of the rarest of British Royal Navy swords / sabres. This is a warrant officer's (NCO's) sabre, and the only warrant officer who would have worn this would have been a Master at Arms. The opposed quillon finales are the same as you would find on RN swords and dirks; the cross guard is not some later modification as the wooden grip under the pommel, although splitting one site, clearly never accepted a stirrup guard as would normally be found on a 1796P sabre. Plus there are numbers and a crown acceptance mark to the langet, which is not the normal place to find a crown mark, which show the sabre was not destined for the calvary and that the cross guard is original. Equally, the leather covered scabbard and brass suspension rings are what you would expect for naval use. There is an inscription to the backpiece which is well worn, which we expect is the vessel's name (not an officer's name).

image AA38 2 Woolley and Sargant

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image AA38 7

The totally impractical (for naval service) 32 7/8 inch blade is in good though aged and worn condition, and firm in the hilt. The hilt in good order, the cross guard is loose, one langet is missing. The scabbard aged. The sabre sheaths and draws well.

One of the rarest swords around. Yours for just £1250. Please quote item reference AA38-V64. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0026-1m (1.856)

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