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Mid-Victorian British Royal Navy Flag Officer's Sword, for sale

In overall good condition, a pre-1880 Victorian British Royal Navy Flag Officer's sword.

Mid-Victorian British Royal Navy Flag Officer's Swordimage AA23 1

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The acorns and oak leaves around the scabbard lockets attest to the fact this is a British Royal Navy Flag Officer's sword. The fact the folding guard has no hole / the scabbard has no locking pin, means the sword pre-dates 1880. Flag Officers are Commanders 1st Class and up (Admirals), so called as they are entitled to have a senior "flag" officer on board flag raised. These officers are generally above the captain of the ship in rank, and therefore these are very rare swords indeed.

image AA23 2

The 29 5/8 inch blade is aged (some pitting towards point), worn and the very tip is broken off (clearly the sword was dropped point down at some stage). There is very little of the tip missing, so it can be reground (dishonest dealers would do this themselves and then keep quiet about it / sell the sword for way more). There is a makers name to the forte / ricasso, but we can only make out "Portsmouth". B;lade firm in hilt. The hilt and grip generally very good. The leather and gilt metal fittings scabbard is aged but sound / good. The folding guard section works well. The sword sheathes and draws well.

Come on, a mid-Victorian RN flag officer's sword in good condition for only £(too late, now sold); if we ground the tip to reform it, we could charge double that. Please quote item reference number AA23 (0024). Further / full sized images upon request.

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