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Italian Model 1938 Beretta Sub Machine Gun Folding Bayonet, sold

Rare, guaranteed authentic Italian Model 1938 (second type / 1939 / 49) Beretta Sub Machine Gun Folding Bayonet.

image AA10 Italian Model 1938 Beretta Smg Folding Bayonet

Sales enquiries

Guaranteed authentic: Please note, there were two versions of the M1938, one had a press stud in the pommel (this is one that you find hundreds of reproductions of), one had the pivoting bar to the tang; that is what you have here, the pivoting bar version which has not been reproduced.

Rare, rare, rare; these bayonets are known to sell for thousands of dollars in the USA.

In good though aged condition, the 19.7 cm blade is in good condition but has patina. The blade works (folds and extends and locks well). Overall length 24 cm folded, 32cm extended fully, 30.7 cm extended and locked. No haggling please; just try to find another of these at under $2000. Yours for £? (too late, now sold). please quote item reference AA10 (0006). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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