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1827P Victorian Canadian Victoria Rifles Officer's Sword, Sold

In very good condition, a Victorian Canadian Victorian Rifles officer's sword, with Clan Brown family crest and initials "A W B".

1827P Victorian Canadian Victoria Rifles Officer's Swordimage AA07 1

Sold Item Notice

With a little bit of research, the original officer owner surely can be identified. Blade marked to Busain & Co of 8 Gerrard Street in London, who traded in that name from 1851 to 1858, so the original owner most likely was one of the founding / first officers of the Victoria Rifles. The initials "AWB" in the Clan Brown family crest of a passant lion holding a fleur de lis with the Latin motto "Floreat Majestas" (Let majesty flourish).

image AA07 2 Victoria Rifles

image AA07 3 AW Brown Floreat Majestas

image AA07 4

The 32 3/4 inch blade is in generally very good condition, some patina here and there, not much and mostly away from the etched areas; the sword cutler Busain's detail rubbed and feint, but otherwise etching clear. Blade firm in the hilt; the steel hilt with patina. The fishskin grip in very good shape for the age, also the twisted grip wire bindings are present and correct, but could do with a careful cleaning to remove the tarnish. The black leather and white steel fittings scabbard in good shape for the age; the leather with some age, the fittings with some patina and a little movement, not too much. The sword sheathes and draws well.

Lovely. A very impressive / good looking sword and with all you need to research the original officer. A steal at only £? (too late, now sold - original sales price divulged for small fee). Please quote item reference AA07 (0011). Further / full sized images available upon request.

image AA07 5

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