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M 1937 WW2 Fascist Italian MVSN Dagger, chain, portapee, badge (sold)

A complete set of M-1937 Italian MVSN dagger in very good condition, marked to B Attolico, SPQR chain, portapee and GIL youth badge.

image A94 Model 1937 WW2 Fascist Italian MVSN Dagger

Sold Item Notice

A scarce coming on rare M-1937 Italian fascist's dagger, in exceptionally good condition, engraved on handle to famous diplomat B Attolico (most likely an attribution by a supporter or dagger recipient), SPQR chain, black portapee and GIL youth badge.

The 7 3/4 inch blade is in exceptionally good condition, the rest in very good order. Take a look around, these daggers regularly sell well in excess of $1500 without any provenance / name connection or badge. Further / full sized photos available upon request. Item Ref: A94 (473)

image A94 1

image A94 2

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