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1822 Pattern George IV British Infantry Officer's Pipe-Back Sword, sold

A very scarce 1822P George 4th British infantry officer's sword in good order and perfect for refurbishment if desired.

1822 Pattern George IV British Infantry Officer's Pipe-Back Swordimage A82 1

Sales enquiries

OK, this George IV 1822P looks good but is not perfect, so let me describe the areas. I think this is a special sword as it is and is ripe for refurbishment if you are looking for one of the best 1822P's you can get. What is very good is the hilt has much gilt remaining and is in very good shape, as is the fishskin grip and the twisted grip wire bindings. The lower grip ferrule is superbly made, very unique and stylish. The folding guard works well. The blade has been re-plated and some of the plating is coming away; you could keep as is or have a local metal plating company reverse plate (remove the plating - the steel blade looks good underneath and the etching promises to be crisp - this is what I would do if there was a plating company nearby, which there isn't). The 32.5 inch blade is firm in the hilt and sheathes / draws well. The scabbard is original but has a taped repair; the fittings could be removed, re-gilted and the leather replaced. So, a very presentable and vary scarce example as is, but with the huge potential for a lot more if desired.

image A82 2

An absolute bargain. Further / full sized images upon request. Please quote reference number A82 (440).

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