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19th Century Ethiopian / Abyssinian Shotel with European blade (sold)

In good but aged condition, a 19C Shotel with European made blade.

19th Century Ethiopian / Abyssinian Shotel with European bladeimage A43 1

Sold Item Notice

An increasingly scarce sword, especially with a European blade. This Ethiopian / Abyssinian shotel would not be the sword to use in battle of my choice, with absolutely no protection to the hand. This sword was clearly held by someone of some importance as it has a much more expensive European made blade fitted. The hardwood grip / hilt is loose (it is made up of three sections and they commonly come apart over time, though they can be reglued of course). The 29 3/4 inch blade in good but aged condition, the talisman sun, hunting dog, etc. still clearly visible, probably Soligen made. A good item. Further / full sized photos available upon request. Item Ref: A43 (459)

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