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Victorian Crosshilt Scottish Broadsword 1780's JJ Runkel Blade (sold)

A Victorian era conversion of a 1780's basket hilt to a crosshilt broadsword, famous JJ Runkel blade.

Victorian Crosshilt Scottish Broadsword 1780's JJ Runkel Bladeimage A33 1

Sold Item Notice

The military type pommel says to me that this was an officer's sword. It is a rear item to say the least. The crosshilt is brass but was once gilt (over the brass), so it would have been quite a spectacular sword. I have not attempted to clean up the brass as the patina is actually more to my personal liking. The JJ Runkel blade is circa 1785, possibly earlier.

image A33 2

The 33 inch blade is in good though worn condition. The single central fuller on both sides has the remains of the maker / exporter / importer's name, JJ Runkel (cutler / blade supplier Johann Justus Runkel moved from Prussia to England in 1783). The blade is still mightily impressive and firm in the hilt. The hilt is aged and whatever grip covering is now gone. The grip has been painted black at some stage, though this is mostly worn off and the effect is not displeasing. Personally, I would leave / enjoy this sword as is. The blade alone is worth some money to say the least, so the whole sword is a great price. Full sized / additional photos available upon request. Item reference A33 (Box 441).

image A33 3

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