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Mid 1930's Imperial Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto Katana, sold

Mid-1930's WW2 Imperial Japanese army officer's shin gunto katana, signed Ikeda Kanetsuna, clear gendaito attributes.

Mid 1930'a Imperial Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto Katana, signedimage A30 1

Sold Item Notice

A good pre-WW2 (no doubt saw service during WW2 as well), Imperial Japanese army officer's shin gunto. The private purchase tsuba is one that predates the regulation WW2, so circa 1935. Signed simply Ikeda Kanetsuna (made this), Kanetsuna is a known Showa period blade maker. One the obverse side of the tang are hand written (ink) characters; this maybe the owner's name as there is no acceptance stamp so the blade was a private purchase. The blade has distinct gendaito attributes as can be seen in the photos, though Ikeda Kanetsuna is mostly known for war time mass produced oil tempered blades; if this is an oil tempered blade, it certainly is one of his best.

image A30 2

image A30 Ikeda Kanetsuna

The 26 inch blade (including habaki) is in overall very good condition with no nicks, but a few marks here and there. The securing strap is still in place but the retaining popper on the saya has gone, but overall a good say (scabbard) to compliment a very nice sword. Sheathes and draws well. A well above average katana. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. The item reference number is A30 (431)








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