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19th Century Indonesian Madura Keris with Ivory Hanuman Hilt, Sold

A very good 19th Century Indonesian keris, most probably Madura though possibly Javanese / Yogyakarta Raksasa, with fine pamor blade and intricate Hanuman (monkey deity) ivory hilt.

image A25 19C Indonesian Madura Hanuman Ivory Hilted Keris

Sold Item Notice

This truly is one of the best keris you are likely to find available for under 1000 GBP. The hilt is intact, though a little ivory reaction is evident (mostly just needs careful cleaning; I can not see any substantial damage). A fine 36 cm wavy blade. Would sell for a lot more on a specialist keris site. This is museum quality grade. Further / full-sized pictures available upon request. Item reference number A25 (444)

image A25 4

image A25 0a

image A25 1

image A25 2

image A25 3






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