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1907 German Empire Artillery Blucher 1811M (sold)

A very good and solid German Empire 1811 model Blucher artillery sabre made in 1907.

1907 German Empire Artillery Blucher 1811Mimage A02 1

Sold Item Notice

It is rare to find such a late 1811M, but here one is. Marked Crown over W over 07 on the spine to denote 1907, this is a very solid sabre indeed. Quite likely a WW1 war trophy, as it was bought by me in the UK, it makes other German swords of the era look like toys.

image A02 2

The 75.5cm blade is in great shape and firm in the hilt. The hilt and grip are both very good. The solid heavy steel scabbard is also good but has been over-zealously cleaned. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Item reference number AO2 - Box 418.

image A02 3

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